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WinVirginia: Amplifying the 2017 Blue Wave As We Head Towards 2019


by WinVirginia

WinVirginia, a political action committee (PAC), is creating waves throughout the Commonwealth. They are a passionate group of Democrats dedicated to upholding the American values that are the pillars of our democracy. The founders believe that effective and responsive representation is the key to shaping a Virginia legislature that serves all Virginians.

In 2017, WinVirginia helped flip 15 seats in the State House. WinVirginia supported candidates all over the Commonwealth, not just those in “battleground” districts.  They supported candidates who put people first.

During the last election cycle, WinVirginia helped candidates by connecting them to mentors in the legislature, by providing opportunities to network with other candidates, and by offering digital platforms to amplify campaign messages in a more efficient, less costly way than traditional broadcast services.

WinVirginia aims to help win Democratic majorities in both chambers of the State Assembly in the 2019 elections, at which time all 100 seats in the House of Delegates and 40 seats in the Senate will be in play.

To accomplish this goal, WinVirginia will again be supporting candidates throughout the Commonwealth by connecting them to training and resources, to one another, and to digital and online platforms.

WinVirginia is currently recruiting for the State House and Senate races in 2019. If you are passionate and dedicated to Democratic values and interested in running for the House of Delegates or the Senate, please visit WinVirginia.org to sign up.


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