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Fake Congresswoman Also a Fake Hockey Fan [AUDIO]


Cross posted from Dump Comstock

Barbara Comstock has constructed an image of herself as a fearsome campaigner, but she lacks even the basic political instincts to support her home sports team which practices less than six miles away from her house.

Check out this exchange which happened on May 23, 2018, which was also the day of Game Seven against the Tampa Bay Lightning. A victory in that game would send the Capitals to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Fredericks: So let’s get right to what really matters. NHL. Game 7 tonight, Caps-Lightning. What do you think?

Comstock: I have to say … I follow a little bit along with … you know the area … but I … I’m not that much of … I don’t my hockey well … but let’s hope we can get it.

Fredericks: I’m going to help you out ok? Say you really want the Caps to win right? Just say that. They’re your home team right?

We could care less if Barbara Comstock likes hockey. Does that make her less of a true American? Yes. But in the grand scheme of things it’s obviously not important.

What’s interesting, however, is that she is so bad at human interaction that she can’t even pretend to support the local sports team. It’s not like Fredericks was going to ask her a follow up question about the status of Barry Trotz’s contract. As was forced to explain to her:

“Say you really want the Caps to win”

Well it seems Comstock has finally figured out the most basic rule of politics. Support the local team.

Yes she was probably tweeting this while drinking wine and counting her mountains of campaign cash, but at least we know that Comstock is one of us!


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