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Sold-Out Women’s Summit Fires Up the Grassroots Community


The Women’s Summit, organized by Network NoVA (with help from many other grassroots groups), was huge and momentous last year in bringing together the candidates running for the General Assembly, and the activists supporting them. It’s EVEN BIGGER this year!

Congressional candidates were there, along with many of the legislators we elected last year, and many other electeds. (If you looked hard, you could even find candidates there who’ve already stepped up to run in 2019!)

Friday night speakers were Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, WIN Virginia’s Shashi Gupta, and Khizr Khan. Food trucks lined up outside, and there was plenty of schmoozing and networking.

Posted by Stair Calhoun on Friday, June 22, 2018

Saturday morning, the real work of getting ready for 2018 and beyond–learning and sharing tools, technologies and strategies–began. Take a look at the agenda. See this great coverage by WJLA. If you attended, leave a comment and let Network NoVA know what your favorite part was. And if you didn’t, make sure you join us next year!

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