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“Thank You Mom, for Raising Strong, Independent Women”


It was a pretty early night for the Wexton campaign gathered at O”Faolains Irish Pub in Sterling. As soon as the Loudoun County results came in, the crowd began chanting “Jen-ni-fer!” Jennifer Wexton’s endorsers were all there, including Senator McPike, Delegates Keam, Filler-Corn, Murphy, Bell, Simon, Ayala, and Congressman Connolly. When Senator Kaine dropped in for a surprise visit, the crowd was ecstatic. (Who his challenger would be was still unknown when he arrived, although by the time he left, we all knew it would be Corey Stewart.)

Jennifer spoke briefly, thanking the five other candidates. But she grew teary-eyed when she turned to her mom to thank her. She said “Thank you, Mom, for raising strong, independent women,” before turning to her husband, in turn, and thanking him for “putting up with a strong independent woman.” Thus continues the “Year of the Women” into a second election season. Just as women defeated men in nearly every Democratic primary in 2017, the same would hold tonight.

  • From the Loudoun County Dems:

    Statement on Primary Results from Alfonso Nevarez Chair, Loudoun County Democratic Committee:

    The Loudoun County Democratic Committee is proud to announce that State Senator Jennifer Wexton has emerged as the Democratic nominee for the 10th Congressional District. Jennifer will bring change to our district – she will fight for equality for women, people of color and LGBTQ+ Americans, fight the NRA lobby to keep our kids and communities safe from gun violence, and fight to ensure families are not torn apart and incarcerated by the Trump administration.

    Jennifer began her career in public service as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, working hard to protect our families and communities from violent criminal offenders and sexual predators. She then took her passion for protecting others to the State Senate and has supported legislation that makes our children safer, combats the heroin and opioid epidemic, increases access to healthcare, prepares our children for jobs of the future, eases traffic congestion, and brings more businesses and jobs to Loudoun. During her four-year tenure as Senator, she has passed over 40 bills, all with bipartisan support.

    As Democrats it was a privilege to select a candidate among 6 inspiring and talented individuals. Their commitment to Democratic values and to victory in VA-10 were featured in each of their campaigns. Our committee looks forward to working with all of them to take on Barbara Comstock this fall.

    Our committee is also prepared to defeat the Comstock-Stewart ticket. Corey Stewart’s extremism is well known in Northern Virginia. We will faithfully resist a Republican campaign headlined by an alt-right demagogue, and we will make sure people are aware of Barbara Comstock’s record of voting in lockstep with the Trump agenda.

    This November, the citizens of Loudoun will go to the polls to determine if our representatives in the House and Senate will be complicit with Trump in his dismantling of our democratic institutions and respect for basic human rights, or if, instead, they will hold this dangerous President accountable for the depraved lawlessness he flaunts for the world to see. We believe that change is coming, and we stand proudly with Tim Kaine and Jennifer Wexton to deliver on that promise of change.