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Reps. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10), Dave Brat (R-VA07) “Endorsed” by NRA and Maria Butina


From the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)…Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10) and Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA07) of course make the list.

The NRA/Maria Butina Joint Endorsement

Every candidate supported by the NRA is now subject to Russia questions.

Washington, DC (July 25, 2018) — For the past few weeks, Washington has been fascinated by the story of Maria Butina. A young, female spy infiltrating the highest level of conservative circles in Washington — it reads like a script out of “The Americans.”

Maria Butina might have infiltrated Washington, but she did not infiltrate the National Rifle Association (NRA). There were no aliases, disguises, or elaborate backstories. The NRA knew exactly who Maria Butina and her handler, Putin-ally Alexander Torshin, were. And they welcomed them with open arms.

For the past five years, the NRA has apparently had no qualms about cozying up to the Putin administration. They have hosted them at their annual conventions and traveled to Moscow for more in-depth meetings. Just like Butina and Torshin saw benefits to staying close to the NRA, NRA leadership saw the benefits of cavorting with Moscow. We are just beginning to learn what those benefits were.

The NRA and Russia are now inseparable in American politics. Every candidate running for office who has accepted the endorsement or financial backing (directly or through independent expenditures) from the National Rifle Association now has to answer the question:

Did they receive Russian rubles funneled through the NRA?

That is why the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is proud to announce our social media campaign – National Rifle Association/Russian Federation Endorsements. Our first round of mock endorsements from the NRA and Maria Butina are:







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