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Video: Corey Stewart Says He Believes Roy Moore Over All the Women Who Told Their Stories of Moore’s Sexual Predation


I continue to be amazed that Corey Stewart – after every appalling thing he’s said and done – is the nominee of a major U.S. political party, or that he has literally any supporters at all. Case in point, check out this appalling exchange he had on Saturday regarding Roy Moore, about whom nine women stated that he had preyed on them sexually “when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s.” Yet Corey Stewart believes NOT the women who Moore preyed upon, but the sexual predator. Is there anything else any Virginia voter really needs to know about Corey Stewart at this point? So yeah, let’s make sure we all do everything we can to see to it that Tim Kaine ends Stewart’s pathetic, demagogic, xenophobic political career on November 6 in resounding fashion.


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