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Video: At Netroots Nation 2018, Virginia Del. Danica Roem Riffs on Being “Trans AND”


I was watching some video from Netroots Nation 2018, and who popped up but our own Virginia Del. Danica Roem (D-13th)? See below for video of her excellent riff on being “trans AND.” As Del. Roem put it:

My name last year, the headlines became “transgender candidate”…The most flagrant example last year was “Transgender Candidate Just Wants to Get Rid of Traffic.” I’m not sure how the gender part affects the latter, but GO ON! And one of the things that I made sure to do was for people to know that…I’m trans AND…always trans AND, not trans BUT. I’m trans AND I can talk to you all day about water infrastructure. And if you want to know the difference between ductile iron pipes – good – cast iron water pipes – bad – talk to me outside, because we can do a whole other panel about that…I’m trans AND I know a lot about transportation policy. I’m trans AND I also care a lot about civil rights. I also care a lot about equality. I also care a lot about menstrual equity, that’s why I worked with these fine women to get that bill passed this year. I’m trans AND I have to know a lot about a lot…to be able to do my job as a delegate…

I mean, how can you not love this woman’s attitude? Now let’s all make sure we help reelect her in 2019!


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