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Video: Former Rep. Tom Perriello Campaigns for Arlington County Board Democratic Nominee Matt de Ferranti


Good event tonight in Arlington, with former Congressman, Obama administration special envoy, etc. Tom Perriello campaigning or Democratic County Board nominee Matt de Ferranti. For his part, de Ferranti emphasized four things he’s running on: 1) “a new vision or a sustainable economy that can work for everyone in Arlington”; 2) “schools are a huge issue”; 3) “100 renewable energy in Arlington by 2035”; 4) “by 2022…end child hunger in Arlington.” “That’s a progressive vision, and that’s part of why I’m so happy to be here with Tom Perriello.”

For his part, Perriello said (bolding added by me for emphasis):

“…over my lifetime, one of the biggest problems we’ve had is that the conservative side tended to take local and state government very seriously, and we tended to focus on the national. But we know when it comes to people’s politics, nothing is more important than their family. And the things that affect our families happen at the local and state level – whether that’s the quality of our schools, the quality of our roads…the fairness of our criminal justice system, far more of these things play out in local and state politics, and we have ceded that ground…Our goal is to make a difference in people’s lives, and that’s why this agenda that you’ve heard from [School Board candidate Barbara Kanninen’s team] and from Matt [de Ferranti] is so important…We have to be bold enough to win these seats and then go in and do transformative things…We need to use this election cycle to find every voter we can in Arlington and across the Commonwealth. We have an opportunity not just to send Sen. Kaine back to the Senate, but we need to send Corey Stewart away from politics FOREVER…This is about using this moment in history, being worthy of this moment of history….This is a moment that demands the most from all of us…”


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