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Video: Great Job by VA-10 Democratic Nominee Jennifer Wexton on “Face the Nation”; In Stark Contrast, Barbara Comstock Refuses Invitation to Appear


See below for video from this morning’s appearance on “Face the Nation” by VA-10 Democratic nominee, State Sen. Jennifer Wexton, and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Asked what it’s like running as a “first-time candidate,” Wexton noted correctly that she’s a sitting State Senator, so is not a “first-time candidate,” but that it’s “exciting” and “wonderful” to be running for Congress at this time. Wexton pointed out that we saw enormous energy on the ground last year in Virginia – when we picked up 15 seats (11 of which were newly elected Democratic women) and that it’s not going away. Wexton said she thinks she’s doing well in the polls due to her background as “a mom…a former prosecutor from the heart of the district in Loudoun County…a State Senator, who during my tenure in the Senate has passed over 40 bills, every single one…with bipartisan support.” According to Sen. Wexton, she’s doing this for her kids “and under Donald Trump’s presidency, I’m worried about how much damage can be done to our country in the next couple years…a lot of women woke up after the November election in 2016 and realized that democracy is a lot more fragile that any of us wanted to admit, and that the only we’re going to change things is to get off the sidelines and run ourselves.” And of course: “When you have a woman who is not voting in a way that helps other women, it’s time to replace her.”

There was more, but in sum, great job by Jennifer Wexton…let’s make sure we help her win the election!

P.S. On TV, after this interview ended, Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan explained that she had invited Barbara Comstock as well to be on the show, but that Comstock had refused. That is VERY telling – in a bad way – it seems to me!

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