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Video: Mountain Valley Pipeline Apparently Violating “Stop Work” Order; Gov. Northam Can’t Wait For It to Get Going Again


Late Friday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a “Stop Work” order on the entire Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). Yet, as you can see in the video below, MVP construction workers appear to have been “busy little bees,” as the video’s narrator puts it, on SATURDAY AFTERNOON (at 3:45 pm) working away on the MVP. So what’s the deal with this? What are the penalties, if any, for violating the “Stop Work” order? Inquiring minds want to know.

Meanwhile, check this out [UPDATE 8/6: The Bluefield Telegraph took down their original story and replaced it with this whitewash, presumably after getting a call from Northam’s press office] and see what Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s idea of “leadership” – not to mention (not) living up to his (empty) promises about environmental stewardship – is all about. According to our fine governor, “I am supportive of moving forward (with the MVP)…We need energy, but we need energy responsibly…“All along the pipeline they need to be conscious of the land and take people’s property rights into account…Any compliance issue … we are looking and watching the streams and the rivers closely.” And blah blah blah, mindless drivel as usual from Northam.  Can someone please remind me why Ralph Northam was a better choice than Tom Perriello in last June’s Democratic primary? Uhhhh…

P.S. Also love this line: “Northam said he understands the problems associated with the pipeline, including landowner rights and the recent rain and flooding that have dumped ‘too much sediment into waterways.'” So…if “too much sediment” has been dumped into waterways, then isn’t it up to Gov. Ralph and his administration to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, starting with a “Stop Work” order of their own, followed by a thorough stream-by-stream analysis, followed by…I dunno, maybe canceling these stupid projects?


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