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Democrat Eileen Bedell Announces 2019 Candidacy in Virginia State Senate District That Went by 15 Points to Ralph Northam


We’re 50 days away from the 2018 midterm elections, but a LOT of candidates are already getting in – or have gotten in – for Virginia General Assembly races in 2019. The latest is Eileen Bedell in SD-10 (see her press release, below), a district that Ralph Northam won by a whopping 15 points (!) in 2017 and that Hillary Clinton won by 12 points in 2016, yet is currently held by a right-wing Republican (Glen Sturtevant) for some crazy reason (including that Senate Dem “Leader” Dick Saslaw totally f’ed it up in 2015). In 2019, this district is clearly Democrats’ top pickup opportunity in our quest to take back control of the State Senate. Let’s make sure we don’t blow it this time!


N. CHESTERFIELD, VA— Eileen Bedell of Chesterfield County, announced today she is seeking the 2019 Democratic nomination for State Senate in Virginia’s 10th Senate District. Bedell brings name recognition as a Democratic activist and former congressional candidate with significant grassroots support. She is a proven fundraiser and tireless campaigner who can turn out voters even in districts that historically support Republican incumbents.

”In 2016, my campaign against Tea Party candidate Dave Brat, won more votes than any recent Democratic challenger in the 7th Congressional District, laying the foundation for a Democratic win in 2018.” said Bedell.  She considered another run for the 7th District seat but decided to focus her attention on the critical state races in 2017, working for statewide candidates and many of the successful Democratic challengers who were part of the blue wave in the House of Delegates last year.

In announcing her candidacy, Bedell said “I live in Chesterfield County and run a business in Richmond. My goal is to enact legislation which protects the health and welfare families and promotes economic growth and financial stability for the people of the 10th District and all Virginians.”

Bedell is an experienced litigator who has advanced or protected the interests of Virginians in areas of law ranging from workers’ rights and family law to enforcement of contracts and protection of the elderly. “As a practicing attorney, the impact of Virginia legislation on families, individuals and small businesses has been the focus of my professional career. I have listened to the needs and concerns of a diverse cross-section of Virginians for more than two decades, and my job has allowed me to provide a voice to many who are unable to speak effectively for themselves.  I look forward to using my extensive experience to work with fellow legislators at all levels of government and from both sides of the aisle.”

Eileen was an early supporter of Abigail Spanberger in her 2018 race to unseat Brat. “Abigail’s experience as a Federal law enforcement agent and CIA officer are so relevant to the work done in Congress. She is a great candidate.”

Eileen was raised in a multi-generational household where, after delivering The Washington Post each morning, she would return home from Langley High School in Fairfax County to help care for her maternal grandparents and younger siblings.  At the age of 16, Eileen began studying communications at Virginia Tech in southwest Virginia, graduating with honors. Eileen studied law at the College of William & Mary and in 1996 chose to begin her practice in Central Virginia.  In 2009, Bedell founded a boutique firm specializing in civil litigation. Located in Richmond’s historic Church Hill neighborhood, the firm represents clients throughout the Commonwealth.

With the support of her husband, Colin, and two children, Eileen’s success as a small business owner has given her the professional flexibility to volunteer with numerous Democratic campaigns, both statewide and local, throughout the 10th Senate district. These efforts have helped Bedell earn and maintain the support of critical grassroots organizations as well as many state, local, and community leaders.


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