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Video, Live Blog: VA-06 Debate Between Far-Right Ben Cline and Progressive Jennifer Lewis


UPDATE 11:07 am – Cline says that “Washington is broken,” but of course completely fails to mention who broke it – HIS party. Cline also blathers about fighting for the people of VA-06, when in fact he’s a tool of corporate interests, the NRA, etc. He will also fight to take people’s healthcare away from them and to trash their air and water. So…no, he’s NOT a fighter for the people of VA-06. As for Lewis, she says this is a time for “sensible solutions” to “make all our lives better,” in a republic where people – not corporations – hold the power. She talks about providing education, health care, environmental protection, etc.  She says she does not accept money fro special interest groups It’s a stark contrast with Cline, who has NOTHING to offer…except for the corporations, lobbyists, etc.

UPDATE 11:01 am – Cline says he’s concerned about our privacy rights because of technology (correct) and “overbearing government” (not so much – try overbearing corporations, Ben!). Lewis says our personal private property rights are under attack, with the two huge fracked-gas pipelines (Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Mountain Valley Pipeline) being a prime example. This is “abuse of eminent of domain” by the gas industry, which has paid off our elected officials. Lewis said people are terrified by the pipelines being put in within a few feet of their homes. Lewis also says, correctly, that women’s reproductive rights are seriously under assault, and that she will be a fierce defender of a woman’s right to choose. Cline CLAIMS that he’s “concerned” about the safety of our water, but his actions – and inaction – as well as his party’s action/inaction is VERY telling on this. Cline brags about being against a woman’s right to reproductive choice and freedom.

UPDATE 10:54 am – Lewis says she will not be supporting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, thinks it’s time for new energy, new voices, new faces in Washington, DC. Lewis says we have to work with people we don’t agree with in Congress and get the job done. Says she also believes in civility. Cline jokes – hardy har har – that he’s glad to hear Lewis will be supporting the Republican choice for Speaker, and basically “mansplains” to her how she’s going to end up voting for Pelosi. So obnoxious. Cline also, laughably and without much if any real evidence, claims he is all for “transparency in government” and “bipartisanship.” How can you tell when Ben Cline is lying? Yep, his lips are moving. Lewis says she does NOT blindly follow her party – “I am my own person and will be the voice of the 6th district.” Lewis talks about her work on  the ground/in the community dealing with domestic violence.

UPDATE 10:50 am – Cline says “Russia is not our friend.” Yeah, but he’s Trump’s BFF. Hmmmm. Cline then rambles on about people supposedly hating America for our “freedom,” blah blah. Lewis says that the hacking of our democracy is the biggest threat from abroad that we face right now. Says that voting is the core of our democracy, that we have to protect it and hold Russia accountable or what it did in 2016 (and preventing it from doing so again in 2018, 2020, etc.).

UPDATE 10:45 am – OK, you can watch it on Facebook. Lewis is now speaking about her opposition go the pipelines and the need for clean energy for both economic and environmental reasons. Of course, Cline doesn’t get that at all, blabbers about “energy independence” and how getting rid of fossil fuels would “throw us into the dark ages.” WTF?!? Cline of course bashes the Paris Climate Accords, because that’s what he’s all about…an anti-environmental extremist. Now Cline is mocking the E.P.A., because again…see previous comment. Lewis points out that more fracking means more use of – and pollution of – precious water resources. “When you hear deregulation, you should hear a red flag” indicating more pollution. Lewis says, correctly, that we need 100% renewables by 2050. Again, it’s impossible to overstate how badly Cline COMPLETELY doesn’t get it.

UPDATE 10:41 am – The feed by the NewsLeader was never very good (poor audio and video), and now it’s died completely. We’ll see if it ever comes back.


It’s been about a 37 minutes, and so far VA-06 Republican nominee Ben Cline has heaped praise on one of the worst members of Congress (Bob BADlatte), bragged about his A+ rating from the NRA, said that government had no business mandating what businesses pay their workers, said he supports building “the wall,” bashing “Obamacare,” and basically hewed to his far-right extremist views. As for Democratic nominee Jennifer Lewis, she is basically the polar opposite of crazy Cline – progressive, smart, sane, rational, fact-based, etc.

See below for video of the forum.


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