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New UMW Poll: Kaine Leads 49%-30% Among All Voters; 52%-36% Among Likely Voters


New poll, by the University of Mary Washington (UMW), has Tim Kaine beating Corey Stewart by – take your pick – 19 points (49%-30% among all voters, 18 points (51%-33%) among registered voters, and 16 points (52%-36%) among “likely voters.” These results are similar to the August 23 Roanoke College poll, which had Kaine up 17 points (51%-34%), so not a lot seems to be changing.

Personally, I’d love to blow neo-Confederate Corey out by a lot more than 19 points, and I find it appalling that ANYONE would vote for him. But realistically – as we saw in 2013, for instance, when batshit-crazy EW Jackson got 45% of the vote and equally-batshit-crazy Ken Kookinelli came within a couple points of being elected governor (!), there is a significant percentage of Virginians who will literally vote for ANYONE with an “R” by their name. Even someone, like Corey Stewart, who pals around with – and hires – white supremacists. So anyway, let’s just keep up the pressure, take nothing for granted, and work to crush neo-Confederate Corey in 49 days!

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