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Two Videos Prove That Dave Brat Is a Pathological Liar


According to PolitiFact, 67% of the statements they rated by Rep. Dave Brat (extremist “Freedom Caucus,” VA-07) are either “False” or “Mostly False.” In contrast, only 17% are rated “True.” Of course, Brat’s lying goes way beyond what is rated at PolitiFact. Whether we’re talking big issues or small, Brat either doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, is spouting far-right b.s. or just outright making stuff up. For further reading on this topic, check out The False Premises of Dave Brat, The Five Weirdest Things Dave “I’m an Economist!” Brat Said on “Moral Capitalism” Last Week, Audio: After Months of Claiming He Will NOT Support Corey Stewart, Now Dave Brat Says He DOES Support Corey Stewart, etc.

Also, see below for two videos that depict Dave Brat at his lying worst. The first video is of an interview Brat gave to NBC12, in which Brat tries to make excuses for his refusal to do town hall meetings, but instead just lies through his teeth. Thus, according to Brat: “[at one of my town halls] my opponent was in the front row of the church when they were swearing at the pastor during the opening prayer and I couldn’t get a word in for 90 minutes. And that’s on tape for everyone to see…so there’s a reason we don’t do town halls.” Except…skip down below the first video for proof that Brat is lying.

So here’s video of the opening prayer at the town hall Brat references. First off, note that there’s absolutely no evidence that Brat’s Democratic opponent, Abigail Spanberger, was at this town hall [UPDATE: I’m now informed that she was in the audience at that event] (note that she wasn’t even a declared candidate at the time). Second, do you hear any sound of “swearing” at the pastor “during the opening prayer?” Nope. So send this one to PolitiFact or any other fact checker, and let’s see how they rate Brat on this one: “Pants on Fire?” “Four Pinocchios?” Other synonyms for “pathological liar?”

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