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Audio: After Months of Claiming He Will NOT Support Corey Stewart, Now Dave Brat Says He DOES Support Corey Stewart


We already know that Rep. Dave Brat (far-right R, VA-07) is a far-right extremist and all-around wacko. For some examples of what I’m talking about, see Video: Rep. Dave Brat is Nuts, Part Infinity, Dave Brat Compares Concerned Constituents at His Town Hall Meeting to Violent White Supremacist Protesters in Charlottesville, Dave Brat’s Ties to Steve Bannon and White Nationalism Are Too Strong to Ignore, Rep. Dave Brat (Extreme “R”) Likes Tweet Asking “Who Is Paying” Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. Student David Hogg, The Five Weirdest Things Dave “I’m an Economist!” Brat Said on “Moral Capitalism” Last Week, Chris Hayes Destroys Dave Brat’s “Extremely Revealing” Response to Constituent on Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy, Dave Brat Talks Family Separation on Faux “News”…and Shows Why We Need to Oust Him This November, Wonder What Dave Brat Thinks of His “Mentor” Jim Jordan Now; Would Jordan Still “be a great spokesman for the conservative principles that we all share?”, Let Them Eat Cupcakes: Dave Brat’s Marie Antoinette Moment, Far-Right Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA07) Holding Fundraiser 9/7 in Arlington with Scandal-Ridden “Legislative Terrorist” Jim Jordan, etc.

OK, I think you get the idea. 🙂  Now, back to Brat’s support – or not – for Virginia GOP U.S. Senate nominee (and “top of the ticket”) Corey Stewart, infamous for his embrace of white nationalists, neo-Confederates, etc.

First, here’s Brat back on July 9, asked if he’ll campaign with neo-Confederate Corey, dodging for 5 minutes and instead rambling on about fascism, socialism, blah blah blah.

Next, here’s Brat on August 24 almost literally running away from someone asking him whether or not he supports his party’s standard-bearer for U.S. Senate. Run away, Dave, run away! LOL

And now, Richmond2Day has audio for Brat from an event last night, in which Brat is yet AGAIN asked if he’ll support Stewart. This time, Brat changes his answer to affirmative: “Yeah, I am clear on all of this, on the president, on Corey Stewart, on anyone, it is just the Republican creed.”

So…basically Brat says in private that he’s supporting neo-Confederate Corey, but in public that he isn’t. Not that we can believe anything this nut says, but still, it’s revealing when a politician says different things to different people. It’s also a fair assumption that there’s no reason why someone as extreme as Dave Brat would have a problem with Corey Stewart, other than concerns that tying himself to closely to such an unpopular/toxic politician might hurt him on November 6. But now, it seems that the truth is out: Brat is all in for Corey!

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