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VA-06 Dem Jennifer Lewis Points Out Her GOP Opponent Endorsed by Virulently Anti-LGBT Extremist Group


The following is from the Jennifer Lewis for Congress (VA-06) campaign. Go Jennifer!

It was an honor to meet Judy and Dennis Shepard last week, and I’m so grateful for their support. We had about 100 people at our event in Staunton!

It’s no surprise Ben Cline didn’t respond to requests for interview. He’s been endorsed by Family Research Council Action PAC (FRC Action), an arm of an extremist group that spreads anti-LGBTQ lies and propaganda:


Southern Poverty Law Center has thoroughly documented the Family Research Council:

“They are also among the chief purveyors of lies about LGBT people. They have both regularly pumped out propaganda asserting that gay men molest children at far higher rates than their heterosexual counterparts — a claim that has been debunked by virtually all the recognized scientific authorities in the field. The FRC has claimed that gay activists “work to normalize sex with boys,” seek to “abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets’ of a new sexual order,” and support anti-bullying programs solely in order to promote homosexuality.”


The Family Research Council puts on a “Values Voter Summit.”

“VVS has traditionally provided an ongoing platform not only for strident anti-LGBT and anti-choice views, but also anti-immigrant — and in particular — anti-Muslim views…”


“The FRC, its members and supporters have a long history of demonizing the LGBT community and continue to align their views and work with anti-Muslim groups.”


I hope Ben Cline will publicly reject the endorsement of this shameless group.

It’s an insult to people in our district when any candidate embraces a group that rejects science, rejects evidence, rejects dignity, and rejects equality.

Simply to push an extremist agenda.


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