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Video: Democrat Jennifer Lewis (VA-06) Responds to Trumpster Yelling “You Suck” – “That’s Very Civil, Thank You”; Then Delivers Strong Progressive Speech


Trumpsters gonna Trumpster I guess. In this case (see video below), it means yelling “you suck” after Democratic nominee Jennifer Lewis (VA-06) starts her speech in Buena Vista yesterday with the polite greeting, “hi everybody, it’s so nice to see you all.” In response to the Trumpster, Lewis responded in two ways: 1) by responding, sarcastically, “that’s very civil, thank you”; 2) by giving an excellent speech, in which she talked about coal miners who “fought to join a union and earn a fair, dignified living,” about how “wealth generated by honest Virginians…increasingly sent to the richest individuals and the most powerful corporations,” about how “unless we are willing to adequately educate our children will never create a thriving 21st century”; and about how she endorses the “bipartisan school modernization effort put forth by Republican State Senator Bill Stanley and former state Democratic Chair Paul Goldman.”

Good for Jennifer Lewis for not letting the Trumpsters get to her, and more importantly for bringing a strong, clear, progressive message to the voters of Virginia’s 6th district. On November 6, those voters should reward her by electing her as their new Congresswoman. Go Jennifer Lewis, you rock!

P.S.  I hear that after the speech, a couple descendants of Blair Mountain resisters came up to thank Jennifer Lewis for her mentions of the “Battle of Blair Mountain” in her speech.

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