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Video: Jennifer Wexton Releases First Ad of General Election. And Unlike Lying Liar Barbara Comstock’s Lies, It’s 100% Factually Accurate.


Good ad by Jennifer Wexton! And as an added bonus, unlike Barbara “Votes 98% with Trump” Comstock’s lying ad about supposedly being an “independent voice” (hahahahahahahaha!) for VA-10, Wexton’s ad is 100% factually accurate. What a concept, huh?

Wexton Releases First Ad of General Election

LEESBURG – Today, State Senator Jennifer Wexton released “Rear View Mirror,” the first ad of her general election campaign for Congress. The full ad can be seen here. The spot will begin running today on broadcast TV, cable TV, and digital platforms.

“Rear View Mirror” touches on the work Wexton has done throughout her career as a working mother in her roles as a prosecutor, local lawyer, and State Senator. It highlights her work prosecuting violent criminals as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, volunteering pro bono while in private practice, and legislating in the Virginia General Assembly, including her bills making it easier to prosecute sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. Finally, the spot emphasizes how in Congress she will stand up to President Trump. The video features Senator Wexton driving her sons throughout these years as a working mom.

Wexton said of the ad, “I am proud of my work as a prosecutor, lawyer, and State Senator, keeping our communities safe and delivering results for my constituents. I will take this experience with me to Congress to be a check on President Trump and bring true representation to Northern Virginia.”



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