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Dave Brat is Extreme on Firearms


Amendment II: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Whether or not I agree with it, the U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted these words in our Constitution as guaranteeing each of us the right to possess a firearm and ammunition enough to defend ourselves and our families from criminals. However, the Supreme Court did recognize that the Second Amendment is not absolute and that governments could take some actions with regard to firearms.

Dave Brat (R-VA07), in contrast, is an absolutist on the 2nd Amendment. Brat believes that the right to bear arms is a God-given right that cannot be restricted in any way. He opposes even reasonable actions that governments might take to prevent gun violence.

1. In July 2016, Brat publicly attacked the House Republican leadership for its willingness to allow debate on a bill that would allow weapons to be withheld from suspected terrorists on the Government’s “no-fly” list. Dave insisted that the government had no right to keep weapons from suspected terrorists unless and until they committed a terrorist act.

2. Brat voted for H.R. 1181, which would allow mentally incompetent veterans to purchase guns.

3. Brat cosponsored H.R. 38, which among other things would allow concealed weapon permit holders to possess guns in school zones.

4. Brat cosponsored H.J. Res. 40, which allowed persons adjudged to be a danger to themselves or others to still buy guns.

5. Brat cosponsored H.R. 3139 that removed minimum sentences for individuals committing crimes using silencers on their weapons.

With the amount of news we’ve been inundated with lately, it is hard to keep our attention on firearms. But, the issue is still there and it will jump to the headlines with the next gun massacre. I think that most Americans, including lawful gun owners, would like to see some reasonable actions taken to prevent the next event. Unfortunately, Dave Brat is not in that group. Brat will oppose any and all attempts to try to prevent gun violence.

It is time to retire Dave Brat.


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