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Far-Right Virginia State Senator, Dave Brat Supporter, Lets Her Inner Theocrat Out; Outraged Comments Ensue

"His plan was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve"


Yes, the following is from an actual Virginia State Senator in the year 2018 (A.D., not B.C.). Not surprisingly, this far-right theocrat, Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11), is a YUGE supporter of off-the-deep-end Dave “I’m an economist!” Brat. Among other things, Chase has been posting her support for LGBT “conversion therapy” (aka, child abuse), her theories on how in the Bible it says “Adam and Eve” not “Adam and Steve,” her speech at the virulently anti-LGBT Family Foundation, her favorite Bible verses about smiting her adversaries, etc. See below for some photos of Chase in action, including with her BFF Dave Brat. Finally, see below the photos for a few responses (ones with a lot of “likes”) on Chase’s Facebook page.

P.S. Obviously, VA-07 voters need to un-elect Dave Brat on 11/6 and elect Democrat Abigail Spanberger. And then in 2019, Chesterfield County voters need to ditch Amanda Chase. Note that Ed Gillespie won this district, but only by 7 points over Ralph Northam. So it’s a tough lift, but we really should try against this far-right, anti-LGBT, theocratic nutter.

  • “Oh for crying out loud, Senator. It’s getting tough to defend you . I can assure the 11th District has bigger fish to fry than tent revival style therapy . As a fellow Christian, this troubles me deeply.” (26 likes)
  • “I am your constituent. I have an MEd in school and counseling psychology. I also have a PhD in Urban Services with a major in special education and disability policy and a minor in sociology. Further, my wife and I were plaintiffs in Virginia’s marriage equality court case that was decided in our favor by the Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals and upheld by the Supreme Court. I can tell you first hand that these so-called practices are ineffective and harmful. In fact one of the biggest Christian organizations who promoted these so-called efforts concluded that sexual orientation change efforts are, at best, ineffective, and at worst, harmful. That organization, Exodus International, closed in 2013…these efforts are not evidenced based. Numerous studies, especially meta-analyses that statistically analyze multiple studies have found these practices to be ineffective and potentially harmful. Out of 47 studies reviewed in one meta-analysis, only one, which was problematic due to bias, found these practices effective…these practices do not serve as therapy, especially for youth under 18 years old, for several reasons…They are unethical practice. These efforts are most often decided upon by the so-called therapist based upon their, not their clients values and views. This is a conflict of interest according to the ethical principles of the American Psychological Association in that the so-called therapist’s beliefs, behaviors, and values supersedes the clients beliefs, behaviors and values. This impairs the therapists objectivity, competence and/or effectiveness in performing as a psychologist…These efforts are ineffective. They attempt to change behavior only without changing orientation. Orientation is both behavior and attraction. Changing behavior does not change attraction. Most who undergo these practices eventually return to their attraction…They do not allow the client to define their goals and change those goals through self-discovery. That is the crux of the therapeutic relationship…To your point about “religious freedom:” Many mainstream religions now welcome LGBT people as contributors, full members, and children of God. Further, banning these efforts as therapy does not stop the small segment of religious organizations of holding their views or providing religious guidance to their congregants. That, however, is not therapy…By allowing state licensed therapists to engage in ineffective, unscientific, and potentially harmful practices you are allowing your constituents who pay for these practices with their own and their health insurance funds to be legally fleeced. One of the most basic roles of the legislature is to manage a fair marketplace free of such scams…I urge you to read more from the science regarding these practices. I urge you to meet with your LGBT constituents and hear their stories. I urge you to remain open minded on this question that will, without a doubt, come before the General Assembly again next year…Please reconsider your position informed by more views and, most especially, science.” (117 “likes” and “loves”)
  • “As a nurse, another Mom of good kids, your neighbor and a member of the same community, I honestly think if you ever saw in person what happens in these “therapy sessions”, you wouldn’t be able to stomach it. It’s easier to condone from a safe distance where you don’t have to really see it. Kind of like those who are pro choice. If more people saw what actually happens to a fetus they’d be less likely to support abortion. Like any other therapy, it shouldn’t be legal to force this kind of thing on children when there is no science to back it up. We are better than this.” (29 “likes” and “loves”)
  • “I’m a Christian but many other of your constituents are of other faiths. Please keep your personal religion and preaching off your public page.” (16 “likes” and “loves”)
  • “So what bible verse is there for ripping children away from their parents?” (9 “likes”)
  • “What on earth? Aren’t you a State Senator? This is really inappropriate.” (14 “likes” and “loves”)
  • ” What is the meaning of this? Why do you post this kind of thing? I really would prefer politicians to not shout so loudly about their own faith. Your religious belief has nothing to do with your duty as a public servant. Talk about policies of public interest, not your personal religious belief. I believe in separation of church and state. US is not Saudi Arabia of North America!” (22 “likes” and “loves”)
  • “I think she’s trying to use God and the Bible to justify her ill-will towards people who called her out yesterday for a very un-Christian statement she made on Facebook. (She’s already deleted it, but I have screenshots and am happy to remind her daily of her wrongdoing until she apologizes and make amends.) “…the best cure for a liberal is a job. It’s easy to be a liberal when it’s not their money.”” (18 “likes” and “loves”)
  • “I’m confused, are you wanting to be the pastor
    or a politician, the two are different.” (18 “likes”)

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