The Truth About Dave Brat, the Environment and Climate Change


What Dave Brat says:

“There is no doubt that we must be good stewards of the environmental treasures with which we have been blessed. As a father, I understand that the welfare of future generations depends on it.”

What Dave Brat has done.

Dave Brat sponsored, cosponsored or voted for–

  1. (HR 2157) to deprive a president of authority to ban oil drilling on the continental shelf.
    2. (HR 806) to weaken EPA’s ability to enforce clean air standards.
    3. (HConRes 119) to declare that a carbon tax is bad for the economy
    4. (HR 3281) to dispose of federal reclamation projects.
    5. (Amendment to appropriation act) to prohibit EPA from enforcing Chesapeake Bay clean-up goals.
    6. (HR 1119) to lower emission standards for coal-burning plants.
    7. (HJRes 38) to allow coal mines to pollute rivers and streams.
    8. (HR 1525) to discourage lawsuits to enforce the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Act.
    9. (HR 3880) to ban EPA from dealing with climate change.
    10. (HJRes 36) to allow flaring of gas on Bureau of Land Management oil leases.
    11. (HR 1901) to cancel tax credits for developing alternative sources of energy.
    12. (HR 5538) to further reduce EPA’s ability to protect the environment.
    13. (HR 4544) to ban the EPA from eliminating air pollution that affects health in other countries.
    14. (HR 637) to prevent EPA from addressing greenhouses gasses in enforcing the Clean Air Act.
    15. (HR1314) to eliminate EPA’s Renewable Fuel Program.

Dave Brat also
–opposed President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.
–supported the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate accords.

If you care about our only planet, vote for Abigail Spanberger in the 7th Congresssional District.

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