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Video: 200+ Rally in Roanoke for Carter Turner, Jennifer Lewis, Tim Kaine


Looks like a great rally last night in the “Star City” for Carter Turner for Virginia House of Delegates, Jennifer Lewis for Congress (VA-06) and Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate (the emcee of the event was Del. Sam Rasoul).

As Carter Turner put it, “the contrast between Democrats and Republicans right now could not be more stark; we are on the right side these issues when were helping people, we’re standing up for fairness, we’re standing up for justice and we’re standing up for the most vulnerable people in our community, including the environment.” For her part, Jennifer Lewis told a great story about being introduced to a Trump voter by her neighbor, who after a “great conversation” said, “you know, I wasn’t even gonna vote in this election, but not only do I want to vote, I want to vote for you and can you put a yard sign in my yard?”

As for Tim Kaine, the video is cut off at the end, as he’s talking about the pipe bombs and other “ugliness” last week in the country. Prior to that, Kaine had mentioned how excited he is about the early voting and enthusiasm he’s seeing around Virginia, also how he’s done multiple events with Jennifer Lewis and in “extremely Republican” parts of Virginia. Good stuff…now let’s push on to victory in 7 days!


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