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Video: Corey Stewart Hits New Low, Smears Horrifically Murdered Journalist Jamal Khashoggi as Possible Al Qaeda Member!


It’s amazing; just when you think there is NO WAY that neo-Confederate Corey Stewart could possibly go any lower than his odious, disgraceful campaign so far, he….does so! In this case, as Tim Kaine’s communications director tweets, Stewart “now smearing murdered Virginia resident Jamal Khashoggi by baselessly floating that the journalist was actually a member of Al-Qaeda.” By the way, Corey Stewart cites this Washington Post article to back up his slanderous, false claim. In fact, as the article points out, Khashoggi was covering extremist groups like Al Qaeda “as a journalist.” Also, the Post article adds, “At no point did Khashoggi express support for extremist groups.” So the bottom line here is that Corey Stewart is 100% making s*** up, smearing a good man who was horrifically murdered by a Saudi hit squad, and…for what reason? Does Corey Stewart actually believe this will help him politically? Or is he just so unhinged that he BELIEVES the crap he spews out? Either way, he is totally unfit to hold public office and should literally receive ZERO votes on November 6.

P.S. See here for more background on Khashoggi, including that he “was fired in May 2003 by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Information because he had allowed a columnist to criticize the Islamic scholar Ibn Taymiyyah (1263–1328), who is considered the founding father of [extreme version of Islam] Wahhabism.”


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