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Video: Pathetic Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01) Won’t Even Say If He Disagrees That the Press Is the “Enemy of the People”


How pathetic is Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01)? There are so many ways, from his 90% voting record with Trump to the fact that, “Rob Wittman has been in the House of Representatives for 11 years and only managed to pass five bills that he’s sponsored in that period of time. Two of those bills were renaming bills – one bill renamed a Post Office building and the other named a portion of the Rappahannock River rapids for former Senator John Warner.” Plus, as I pointed out the other day, Wittman is a climate science denier/minimizer, which in and of itself should disqualify him from holding public office in America.

Another thing that should disqualify Wittman – or anyone – from holding public office in America? How about not being able to state, clearly and without hesitation, that a free press is NOT the “enemy of the people,” but in fact is an essential component of our democracy. Yet, asked the very simple, basic, easy-to-answer question, “Is the press the enemy of the people,” Wittman wouldn’t say no (see video, below), but only that the person asking the question could “touch base with my communications director.” Seriously, Rob Wittman? You can’t just say “NO, of COURSE the press isn’t the ‘enemy of the people’?” Is that really how low you’ve sunk?

P.S. Of course, Rob Wittman is the same guy who went on the radio with E.W. Jackson and told responded to a vicious anti-Muslim bigot, who ranted about Muslims’ “birth rate” and asked about “how many Muslims are in different levels of government,” by saying, “I appreciate your observations and I share your frustration.”  So I guess it’s not surprising Wittman couldn’t answer “NO” to the aforementioned question about whether the press is the “enemy of the people.” Disgusting.


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