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Video: VA-05 GOP Candidate Brags About Being a “Big Strong Strapping Incredible Man,” the “Tom Cruise of House races,” etc.

Denver Riggleman also muses on how his wife "got pregnant somehow." Alrighty then!


Check out the following video of VA-05 Republican nominee Denver Riggleman at Liberty University (where else?) on Monday. I think you’ll find it, er, “interesting” as Riggleman talks about being the “Tom Cruise of the House races,” about how his wife “got pregnant somehow,” about how he’s a “big strong strapping incredible man” (like Bigfoot, perhaps? LOL), etc. I mean, I guess it’s a sense of humor, albeit a…different sense. Combine that with Riggleman’s hard-right views, though, and it doesn’t seem so funny – if it ever did in the first place.

As Andrew Bates – Communications Director, House Campaigns for American Bridge – put it:

“Voters have a tough decision to make on Tuesday. On one hand, Leslie Cockburn was just endorsed by Virginia’s most respected Republican leader, former U.S. Senator John Warner. On the other hand, someone with an alarming habit of ‘liking’ racist content online and who’s waaaaay too into Bigfoot apparently goes by ‘The Chubby Lumberjack’ and considers himself the ‘Tom Cruise of the House races.’ So there’s that.”


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