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“VOTE RED OR AMERICA WILL BE DEAD”: Neo-Confederate Corey and His Hard-Right Supporters Exemplify “Dark Side of American Conservatism”

Vote Corey "for the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!! RED!!!!"


As Election Day 2018 rapidly approaches, neo-Confederate Corey Stewart and his hard-right supporters are whipping themselves into a frenzy on social media, exemplifying what Max Boot calls the “dark underside to conservatism,” and the reason why he “left the right” after a lifetime of being a conservative. See below for some examples of what I’m talking about (note: the “BLOOD OF JESUS” quote is from a Corey supporter on his Facebook page), and judge for yourself. Also, after perusing the following insanity, consider the words of Max Boot, who concludes his recent op-ed in the WaPo as follows:

“I am now convinced that the Republican Party must suffer repeated and devastating defeats beginning in November. It must pay a heavy price for its embrace of white nationalism and know-nothingism. Only if the GOP as it is currently constituted is burned to the ground will there be any chance to build a reasonable center-right party out of the ashes.”


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