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Audio: “Democrat” Dick Saslaw Goes on Far-Right Trumpster Radio to Defend Dominion, Bash Clean VA & Blue Virginia, Imply That Boysko Win Shows 82% of Dems Support Pipelines, etc.


This morning, “Democratic” State Sen. Dick Saslaw went on far-right (recent guests include retired Sheriff David Clarke, Eric Trump, Sean Spicer, Sam Nunberg, Corey Lewandoski, Stephen Moore…) Trumpster radio to defend Dominion Energy (of course!), to claim that the victory by Jennifer Boysko this past weekend shows that 82% of Democrats support fracked-gas pipelines (or don’t care), to bash Clean Virginia and Blue Virginia and…basically anything progressive or environmentalist. See below the video for some classic quotes from “Dominion Dick” $a$law and decide for yourself what you think of this blithering idiocy…

  • First, check out the discussion starting at 11:30, ripping Ken Cuccinelli’s November 2 op-ed, “Virginia has a pipeline problem”, in which Cuccinelli wrote, “Look for the following: pro-Dominion cronyist legislation in the Virginia General Assembly that effectively orders the State Corporation Commission to charge Dominion’s customers the full cost of the pipeline. After all, Dominion consistently gets the General Assembly to do its bidding on a bipartisan basis, so why should we expect that to change now?” I mean, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for once Cuccinelli is right about something.
  • Saslaw, who has received $350k from Dominion over the years (not counting money to the State Senate Democratic Caucus), of course jumps to Dominion’s defense immediately and strongly. For instance, Saslaw claims – if you believe this one! – that “Dominion didn’t consult with me; I didn’t even know about the pipelines until long after they were under construction and completed in West Virginia and were coming into Virginia.” (Huh??? Gov. McAuliffe pushed hard for this pipeline during his entire governorship; see this September 2014 article, for instance, entitled “McAuliffe backs 550-mile natural gas pipeline, disappointing environmentalists” – so of course Saslaw has known about this for years!)
  • Saslaw also repeats Dominion’s (false) talking point/propaganda on the supposed need for the natural gas pipelines in Southside Virginia. Saslaw falsely claims that the pipelines were totally a federal issue, which is flatly untrue, as Virginia has/had a great deal of authority on this issue under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. Saslaw then claims that the cost of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be just “3-4 dollars a month per customer…a cup of coffee at McDonalds once a month.” Everyone feel better now about donating $3-$4/month for years to come to enrich Dominion shareholders – for an environmentally destructive pipeline that WE DO NOT NEED?
  • Saslaw denies that there’s any “pro-Dominion cronyist legislation in the Virginia General Assembly,” as Cuccinelli had (correctly) charged in his op-ed, calling it “absurd.” Clearly, Saslaw thinks that voters are idiots, that he can spew Dominion propaganda (aka, lies) at them and that they won’t call him on it.
  • Saslaw attacks the pro-environmental group Clean Virginia – a superb group which 100% correctly believes that Virginia “should be leading the transition to a clean energy future,” that “legalized corruption is holding us back…stifles job growth and innovation, leads to high energy bills, and hurts our environment” –  a “dark money company,” but sighs that “there’s free speech in this country.” Yeah, free speech…so frustrating!
  • On the Jennifer Boysko Democratic nomination, Saslaw rambles that if it’s the case that the contest was pro-pipeline vs. anti-pipeline (which is obviously absurd, although Trumpster Fredericks – perhaps referring to this article by Ali Symons? – claims that “Blue Virginia set it up as pipeline vs. no pipeline”), then “80% of the people, if you buy into that, are obviously pro-pipeline…but it’s not just the issue up here that people believe it is…” (Fredericks also keeps stating that “Blue Virginia” endorsed Boysko, when in fact there was only one published endorsement on Blue Virginia that I’m aware of, of Charlotte McConnell by Cindy)
  • Saslaw says that “the only thing…Blue Virginia…hasn’t blamed me for is the sinking of the Lusitania, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the California wildfires.” Actually, many of us blame Saslaw for being a corrupt Dominion tool and for being a lame strategist, tactician, etc., but…yeah, riiiight.

So yeah, this is the “Democratic” leader in the Virginia State Senate. The question is, why does anyone put up with this clueless, corrupt fossil?


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