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Polls: Who Do You Want As Next VA House Dems Leader; How Public Should This Election Be? [UPDATED with Del. Rip Sullivan Now in the Race]


UPDATE 11/24/18 1:49 pm: I was just informed that Del. Rip Sullivan has entered the race to be the next Virginia House Democratic Leader. For that reason, I’ve closed the first poll and started a new one (see below). For the record, results from the first poll – without Del. Sullivan in there – were Del. Sam Rasoul 51.4%, Del. Marcus Simon 20.5%, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn 12.1% and Del. Charniele Herring 11.8%.

The internal Virginia House Democratic Caucus vote to choose a new leader, following the decision by current leader David Toscano to step down at the end of December, will be held on December 8. Who do you think should be the next leader, out of current candidates Eileen Filler-Corn, Sam Rasoul, Charniele Herring and Marcus Simon? And how public do you think this election should be (e.g., should candidates be interviewed? should they present their cases publicly? or should this be mostly a private/internal matter for the caucus?). Cast your votes below!


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