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As We Bid a NOT-At-All-Fond Adieu to Neo-Confederate Corey, a Trip Back to the Early Days of His Disgraceful Career


In “honor” (air quotes intentional) of neo-Confederate Corey Stewart bidding us all a fond adieu, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane, to some of the early highlights from Corey’s illustrious career-from-hell. We’ll start back on August 19, 2007, which I believe is the first time I ever wrote about this bigoted autocrat, in this case about how he was “silencing dissent” and how the Washington Post blasted him at the time for running a “Politburo.” Yes, Corey’s been at this crap for a looooong time, and I’ve been covering it also for a looong time. So don’t let anyone whitewash his white supremacist career, because that’s what it’s been, from start to finish. Good riddance, although honestly I would have rather had him run for reelection this year so Dems could kick his racist ass!

P.S. How did Corey win reelection all those years in an increasingly diverse, Democratic county? Simple: Democrats didn’t show up in the odd/off years, like this 2011 and 2015. That has to AND WILL change this off/odd election year of 2019, in which Democrats finally take control of the PW County Board of Supervisors. Let’s do it!

P.P.S Gotta love the Washington Post’s use of the ridiculous word “firebrand” instead of “racist demagogue” or whatever for Corey Stewart. The Post and other corporate media are clearly terrified of the far right…

A few more Corey Stewart stories from the “RK” says include the following. Also, of course, if you haven’t seen 9500 Liberty by my friends Annabel Park and Eric Byler, make sure you check it out, as it’s superb!

  • Corey Stewart Scandal Grows (10/14/07: “The scandal over Prince William County Board of Supervisors chairman Corey Stewart using taxpayer money to send out a clearly political mailing is growing.”)
  • The Right Way vs. the Corey Stewart Way (11/15/07: “In contrast, we have the ‘Corey Stewart Way’: divide the community, instill fear and anger in people, churn out hot air and demagoguery that will accomplish nothing, cynically use people as pawns in your own political ambitions, pretend that you are able to do things at the county level that are clearly within the purview of the FEDERAL government”)
    Kaine vs. Corey on Immigration (11/28/07: An early preview of what we got last year…)
  • Linda Chavez vs. Corey Stewart (12/17/07: “Great video, check out in particular the excellent question by Linda Chavez on ‘illegal’ vs. ‘legal.’ As usual, Corey Stewart has no answer.”)
  • Lt. Governor Corey Stewart? (2/14/08: “This seems like a nightmare, but it actually could become a reality: Lt. Governor Corey Stewart?”)
  • Hilda Barg Slams Corey Stewart for Attacking Chief Deane (4/2/08: “I am appalled that you, Corey Stewart, have publicly attacked our Chief..Corey, you have created fear in this community, but it’s not gonna work anymore…you have created hate across our county, our region, our state, and we’re a laughing stock across the country.”)
  • Quote of the Day: Corey Stewart (4/28/08: “Wait a minute, “driving down the non-English-speaking portion of the schools?” I thought this was about ‘rule of law’ and ‘legal vs. illegal,’ not about what language people speak (whether the person is in the country ‘legally’ or ‘illegally’). Now we hear from the horse’s mouth what it’s really about: ‘driving down the non-English-speaking portion of the schools.'”)
  • Will Corey and Jeff Join John in Woodbridge on Saturday? (10/15/08: “So, will Corey Stewart be on stage at the McCain rally in Woodbridge on Saturday? I mean, he certainly does seem like the perfect choice for the ‘Tour de Hate ’08,”‘and he is – unfortunately – chairman of the board of supervisors in Prince William County. I think we can expect to see him there.”)

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