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Audio: Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06) Returns to His “Safe Space” (Trumpster Talk Radio), Rants About Nancy Pelosi, the “Liberal, Fake Media,” the “Far-Left,” “Voter Fraud,” etc, etc.


How frequently can Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06) appear on right-wing/Trumpster talk radio? From what I can tell, it looks like once a week on this show. So clearly, this is Cline’s “safe space,” where he can get away from the people he calls the “far-far-left” of eeeevil Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic House caucus.  Cline kicks off this lovefest with two Big Lies: 1) that “voter fraud is real” (note: it is not!); 2) “there are people trying to get into this country illegally…vote illegally” (note: it’s complete bull**** that people are trying to vote illegally, let alone that they’re trying to get into the country illegally in order to vote). Cline then uses the phrase “liberal, fake media,” which is also complete bull****.

Cline proceeds to dishonestly blame Democrats for the Trump/GOP shutdown; to claim that Trump’s totally non-serious proposal the other day is “a serious proposal” (it isn’t); to claim that Democrats are supposedly “refusing to even come to the table” (actually, Democrats have come to the table over and over again); bash Nancy Pelosi (Cline’s unhealthily obsessed with her) and the supposed “intransigence of the left”;  rants about the “far-left wing of [Nancy Pelosi’s] party…pushing the limits further and further into socialist rhetoric”; and of course to leap to the defense of the high school “MAGA” students from Kentucky. This guy, in sum, is a real piece of work. Why, why, why didn’t VA-06 voters choose Democrat Jennifer Lewis over this nutter? It’s mind boggling…

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