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Audio: VA State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) – “I Call My Revolver My Little Equal Rights Amendment”; Says ERA “Protesters” About to “Lay Hands on Me” Backed Off When They Saw It

Meanwihle, Trumpster host John Fredericks says the VA House GOP's rejection of the ERA took the VA GOP's "body" and "burned it to a crisp"


This morning’s appearance on Trumpster Radio (“The John Fredericks Show”) by Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11) contained some quotable quotes, no doubt – including the one in the headline (“I call my revolver my little Equal Rights Amendment because it is empowering to women…it just gives you peace of mind”) at around 10:00 in. Check out the audio, below…and also the following “bullets” (pun intended) with other interesting comments this morning by Chase and Fredericks.

  • Chase said the revolver is, in part, “to deter people from getting in my face…I had a couple of, how do I say this, overly aggressive protesters that were not happy after my speech against the Equal Rights Amendment and tried to lay hands on me until they…looked down, saw my revolver strapped to my side there and kind of backed off.”
  • On the ERA, John Fredericks said that the vote was “symbolic,” “who cares,” but now “the Democrats are going to raise and spend millions of dollars running ads against House Republicans that are already at a redistricting disadvantage with the new maps that came out, and that’s going to be the end of their majority…the end of your majority in the Senate, so why make this symbolic, stupid vote the hill to die on, to basically legislate yourself out of power?”
  • Sen. Chase responded that “you don’t want to empower the left” or “cave in to what the Democrats’ messaging is and what they want to hook us on.”
  • Sen. Chase added, “look, if you want to change the language in here to say ‘female’ or say ‘woman’ in the actual article of the constitution, I’d be all for it, but it doesn’t, it says sex; sex is not properly defined…”
  • That REALLY set off John Fredericks: “At the end of the day, Amanda, it’s going to cost Republicans the only hope that they have, which is Kirk Cox’s Speakership; you’re not going to be able to raise any money, the party’s going to be dead, and basically you can trace this whole thing back to Ken Cuccinelli, your buddy, who singlehandedly destroyed the Republican Party of Virginia, and now with squashing this ERA amendment in committee, he’s taken the body and burned it to a crisp; you’re not even going to be able to pay for the answering machine in there.” Hahahahaha, that’s awesome. I’ve gotta say, I really love this show sometimes!


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