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Loudoun Dems, Dem Candidates Mavis Taintor and Tia Walbridge Request AG Mark Herring Intervene Regarding Rockwool Factory


I just received the following statement from the Loudoun County Democratic Committee about the proposed Rockwool stone wool insulation manufacturing facility in the eastern panhandle (Jefferson County) of West Virginia. The Loudoun Dems, along with 33rd House of Delegates candidate Mavis Taintor and Blue Ridge District Supervisor candidate Tia Walbridge “have written a letter to Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring requesting intervention to protect Loudoun residents and agricultural businesses in Loudoun County from pollution coming from the Rockwool factory in West Virginia.”

By the way, we last reported on this back in August. Also see this recent (1/8/19) story by WUSA TV9, Teacher strike, Rockwool leave mark on Eastern Panhandle in 2018 and Rockwool controversy sparks mass resignation of West Virginia development board.  It’s worth noting that the main Facebook group opposing this facility has nearly 12,000 members, which is an impressive number for a grassroots group. Compare, for instance, to Virginians Against Pipelines, which has around 2,500 members. So clearly this one’s touched a nerve, for whatever combination of reasons…


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