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“Return of the ‘Gunimals'”: Liberal Women of Chesterfield County Mock the “Virginia Citizens Defense League”


Haha, this is great. Check out Richmond2Day’s report on some well-deserved mockery in the Virginia General Assembly today.

Members of the Liberal Women of Chesterfield County delivered ‘Gunimals’ to every member of the General Assembly as a direct response to a prominent gun lobbyists in Virginia.

For over 20 years, the Virginia Citizens Defense League has lobbied the General Assembly to expand gun rights and fought every attempt at gun reform.

The Leader of the VCDL, Philip Van Cleave, was recently pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen. In Cohen’s Showtime series ‘Who is America’, he convinced Van Cleave that he was an “Israeli security expert’. Cohen’s character convinced Van Cleave to film a training video that taught 3-year-olds how to shoot guns.

While promoting a fake line of toys called “Gunimals”, Van Cleave and Cohen’s character sang instructions that taught kids how to load and fire both automatic and semi-automatic weapons, using guns with stuffed animals covering them.

Also, see the post below from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Northern Virginia Chapter:

We LOVE these brilliant women, who handed it to the gun freaks by handing out reminders of how Sacha Baron Cohen, in a very successful effort to show the ridiculous extremism of the gun lobby and its minions, got one of VA’s leading gun freaks (among others) to embrace with enthusiasm the idea of giving guns, hidden in stuffed animals — called GUNIMALS — to toddlers! See pictures 1 through 5 for glimpses of their fantastic work today, including their giving a GUNIMAL to one of our very favorite members of the House of Delegates and the GVP community, Delegate Chris Hurst!

And from gun violence prevention (GVP) activist Catherine Koebel Stromberg:

OMG I am loving the serving of humiliation pie that the VCDL Page – Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. and the Virginia House of Delegates Republican Caucus is getting in the excellent activist action:


If you don’t know about the original gunimals, they are stuffed animals with guns inside them that Philip Van Cleave likes to use to teach pre-school and elementary school children to shoot the bad guy, aka “put him in timeout forever.”

Just go to YouTube and search Gunimals, you must watch the lead addled Phil Van Cleave, noted Virginia gun lobbyist, really go all in on arming “larger” toddlers.

I assume the smaller toddlers are fair game for the good toddlers with guns until they get bigger but I digress.

Susan Ahern Marusco and Gena Price Reeder have brought gunimals BACK to tell Republican lawmakers in Virginia that it’s time to put the bad gun lobbyist on permanent mute for advocating arming children with PUPPY PISTOLS.


Of course, Virginia General Assembly Republicans are likely to deep-six every decent piece of commonsense gun violence prevention legislation this session. Which, of course, means that we all have to do is make sure we deep-six every one of these gun-lobby-loving Republicans at the polls in November.


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