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Video: On WAMU’s Politics Hour, AG Mark Herring Threatens Legal Action Against Trump If He Violates the Constitution on “Wall” Funding

"We see autocrats in other countries claim...national security powers in order to do things...but not in the United States" - Virginia AG Mark Herring


Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring was on WAMU’s “The Politics Hour” earlier today and had a few interesting things to say (check out the video, below). On the shift of Virginia from red to purple to blue, Herring pointed to Corey Stewart’s campaign, also at the fact that Democrats are focused on offering solutions and delivering results. Herring also pointed to the massive shift from red to blue in Loudoun County, the 10th CD and the 33rd State Senate district, where “Jennifer Boysko won almost 70...these are areas that used to be GOP strongholds – suburban areas, exurban areas…where Republicans were racking up wins, it’s now completely turned 180 degrees, and now there are areas that Democrats are winning in solid wins, and I see that trend continuing.”

With regard to his political activities, Herring said he’d be focused this year on helping Democrats win back the majority in both the State Senate and House of Delegates. He said that with regard to Justin Fairfax, his potential rival for governor in 2021, “Justin and I campaigned together even after I won the primary in 2013…in 2017, it was great to be on the ticket together…we are friends, we are going to continue to work together to make sure we have the best state in America.” We’ll see how that goes as we get closer to 2021, I guess…

Other than that, Herring stressed his support for making it easy for people to vote (e.g., getting rid of the voter ID requirement), for campaign finance reform, for redistricting reform (“I think it’s time to take it out of the legislature”), for non-racially-“packed” electoral maps, for ERA ratification, for stronger hate crimes legislation, for criminal justice reform (e.g., the cash bail system), on potential litigation against Trump if he moves unilaterally towards funding “the wall” by executive/emergency action (“we see autocrats in other countries claim…national security powers in order to do things…but not in the United States”), on how best to regulate sports gambling “fairly and legally,” etc.


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