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Video: Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax Holds Press Conference on Sexual Assault Allegations, Gov. Northam


Speaking a few minutes ago at an impromptu press conference at the Virginia Capitol, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax addressed sexual assault allegations, as well as the situation with Gov. Northam. (Is this surreal or what?) Key points included:

  • Fairfax said that he and “the woman…hit it off, she was very interested in me…we went at one point to my hotel room…she was very much into a consensual encounter…everything was 100% consensual…the same person called me sometime later and wanted to come…visit me…in New York City, wanted me to meet her mother.”
  • Fairfax: “We have a totally fabricated story out of the blue that’s meant to attack me because of where I am in politics…only at the point that I won, this person fabricates this claim and attempts to get it into the media…comes back around a year later at another point of maximum media attention and tries to get it in through some website...noone who is telling the truth operates in that way.”
  • Fairfax: “We showed the [Washington Post] ample evidence of the inconsistencies in the story, including there’s a video of this person from about 12 years ago talking about sexual assaults that had happened to her, talking about her history, saying that we needed we make sure that we are loud about these things…and yet in that video, never says a word about having been assaulted in Boston…as an adult…by me.”
  • Fairfax: “There was zero [evidence] presented to the Washington Post…This thing was not only from left field, it was from the planet Mars, because it didn’t happen in the way that is described.”
  • Fairfax: “It’s such a shame that this has been weaponized and used as a smear, because this is a very real issue, and I am someone who has treated women with respect and always observed a certain decorum…”
  • Asked whether an allegation by the “Collective PAC” that the governor’s team is spreading misinformation about him, Fairfax responded, “I don’t now precisely where this is coming from, we have heard different things….but does anyone think it’s any coincidence that on the eve of potentially my being elevated that that’s when this uncorroborated smear comes out, does anybody believes that’s a coincidence?”
  • Fairfax: “I have lived my life in a way that I’m proud of…I got a top-secret security clearance…”
  • Fairfax said he did NOT meet with Gov. Northam last night, and that the fact that this was reported in correctly demonstrates that “facts matter.”

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