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Anti-ERA, Anti-Choice, Pro-Gun Virginia Del. Brenda Pogge (R) Announces Her Retirement; Three Dems Vie to Succeed Her in HD96 (James City, York Counties)


As I noted the other day, “Hearing strong rumors that anti-enviro, anti-ERA, anti-choice, and VERY pro-gun Del. @BrendaPogge (R-HD96; 53% Gillespie district) will be announcing her retirement this Friday. Let’s hope those rumors are true!” Well, turns out those rumors were accurate; see below for a tweet by Josh Stanfield of Activate Virginia and a post by Pogge’s former campaign manager. Currently, there are three Democrats – Rebecca Leser, Mark Downey, Chris Mayfield – running in HD96, which went to Ed Gillespie by a narrow (53%-46%) margin in 2017.  I haven’t researched these candidates, but will definitely be looking into them more closely now that Pogge is retiring. The goal, obviously, should be to get the strongest Democrat who can win this seat in November…

A long Facebook post but I tried to make it short and to the point.

Words cannot describe how sad I am to hear the retirement of my Delegate, friend, mentor and second mom, Delegate Brenda Pogge. It doesn’t feel that long ago as a young kid in high school putting out signs for Brenda in my neighborhood and around the county. And in many cases getting the announcements and letters from her for making the honor roll. Little did I know a couple or so years later I would get a phone call from her after years of being an active high school and college Republican I would get a phone call from her asking me to run her campaign.

Words cannot describe how blessed, and perplexed why she ever chose me out of so many. And why she gave me chance when so many wouldn’t additionally why I was chosen to run my Delegates campaign in such a contentious year in politics for Virginia. I never realized what Brenda saw in me but there was something she liked. That November she won that race! She was a rockstar!

Brenda has been there for my college graduations, hard times and some of my most happiest moments, she has watched me grow from a high school student to man with a career in the business she helped me get in. Brenda was the first person next to my parents that I told when I was running for treasurer in York County. She was there on that night when we found out that we came up short and spoke for me to the waiting crowd that had assembled to offer a biblical explanation of why and what’s next. Yes, she is a follower and a doer for Christ! It is because of her and a few other that really helped me excel in this business and saw something I didn’t. Many people do not know but she has been a second mom, a mentor, a leader and most importantly a principled Delegate.

Brenda Pogge, I am beyond blessed in so many ways that God lead me to you and that we became friends through your amazing journey as York County’s Delegate. You have taught all of us in the House of Delegates, York County and Local Government that we can all take something inspiring away from you. I am just blessed to have been apart of it. And I thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work in the General Assembly and to be apart of your legacy.

I am so proud of you! Job well done Delegate Pogge, May you forever be a voice for a free and open society and defender of capitalism, religious liberty and the strict following of the constitution.

Your amazing!


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