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Del. Danica Roem Demonstrates How to Respond to the Right-Wing Trolls, Anti-LGBT Bigots of the “Westboro Baptist Church”


Del. Danica Roem (D-Prince William County) is good at many things, with effective use of social media high on the list. For example, check out her response, below, responding to hateful lunacy from the “Westboro Baptist Church,” infamous for their anti-LGBT bigotry. I won’t link to their post, but here’s a sampling of their unhinged hate. (also note: this “Church” is apparently holding a protest – because that’s what they do – at the Virginia State Capitol on Monday morning, March 11th.

LORD WILLING, WE WILL WARN MEMBERS OF THE VIRGINIA GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE GREAT DANGERS OF HARBORING A TREASONOUS ENEMY OF GOD—THE PROUD ABOMINAL TRANSGENDER BRUTE HOLDING COURT IN THE CHAMBER, DECLARING ITS SIN BEFORE GOD!…Today, the Virginia General Assembly is famous for one thing before God and the angels: You are harboring an enemy of God! Danica Roem fills the air with words about how to “balance” covering “an LGBTQ elected official.” Blah, blah, blah. That dog won’t hunt, Danica. You have one attribute with which you present to a doomed nation and decaying world: you are a proud abominable transgender rebel. Nothing else matters. The media exalts you as such; and that is all you think about, day and night. A slave to sin, a product of a nation that has forgotten God, you lift your proud face to God, and flip Him off. What sorrow you reap, for yourself and all those around you, temporally and eternally.

Now, here’s Del. Roem’s excellent response to this bigoted, unhinged crap. The key? “Oh, and donate money to my re-election campaign. They’ll hate that.”https://t.co/f9xM33GyA1 https://t.co/zCPwQSSuuh


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