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Del. Mark Levine: Urge VA Board of Psychology to Discipline Licensed Psychologists Who Practice “Horrific Form of Abuse,” aka “Conversion Therapy”

Comment period ends at midnight TODAY.


From Delegate Mark Levine:

Please join me in acting TODAY to ban forcing children to endure sexual-orientation conversion therapy, by leaving a comment for the Virginia Board of Psychology, which is considering whether to impose discipline on licensed psychologists who practice this horrific form of abuse.

Sometimes these cruel doctors use electric shock. Sometimes they just tell a child how evil they are. But children — and I know many ex-ex-gays — who suffer this torture often grow up to be adults with terrible post-traumatic stress. That’s the lucky ones. The unlucky ones commit suicide.

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My comment is below:

Conversion Therapy is Child Abuse

And I would support legislation allowing victims of this child abuse to sue their abusers for damages, which would include compensation for therapy for post-traumatic stress and other harms.

Rely on the science. To force children — or really anyone — against their will to do something that is impossible is, ipso facto, traumatizing.

The torture can be physical, mental, emotional, or psychological. But torture it is. And any clinician who does so should not only lose their license but should also suffer civil penalties (and criminal ones, if physical torture is used).

Please help.


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