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Never Forget That Virginia Republicans Actually NOMINATED This Bigoted Extremist for Lt. Governor

Check out his latest homophobic, Islamophobic tirade...


I’m a rock-solid Democrat, but some of the things this party does – or doesn’t do – drive me nuts. For instance, how about the Dems’ utter failure to build a communications infrastructure equivalent or superior to the right wing? Or, how about possessing *any* ability at all to do crisis communications? Or, how about the relentless focus – as Republicans and the right wing, do, year after year, decade after decade – pounding away at the same themes (e.g., “big government” is bad, “you can’t trust the ‘liberal media’,” Democrats=Socialists=Evil, blah blah blah), even though we all should know that repetition is the #1 key to successful marketing?

Finally, how about the right wing’s ability to pick out a Democrat – or two, three, however many – and to: a) demonize them; b) make them the poster child for the entire party; c) keep that going for years if not decades? Republicans and right wingnuts are great at that, even if they’re completely dishonest in so doing, while Democrats and progressives are not great at all at this, even though we have so much amazing, factual material to work with!

For instance, here in Virginia, why would Democrats allow voters to EVER forget that Virginia Republicans nominated: George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen (for governor and twice for U.S. Senate)? Ken “Kookinelli” (for AG in 2013 and governor in 2017)? Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart (for U.S. Senate)? Or…possibly craziest/worst of all, Ewwwww Jackson, who Virginia Republicans nominated for Lt. Governor in 2013? These are all superb poster boys for the Virginia GOP, as they mirror its extremism, bigotry and lunacy to a “t” – and we should try not to let anyone ever forget that fact.

With that, here’s the latest bigotry, extremism and lunacy from Ewwwww Jackson. Enjoy?

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson spent most of his “The Awakening” program today ranting and railing against Islam. At one point, Jackson trotted out the favorite Religious Right talking point that Islam is not even a religion but is rather a totalitarian ideology that is entirely incompatible with our laws and our Constitution.


Jackson then managed to completely undercut his own argument as he began to rail against the Supreme Court for refusing to hear a case involving the owner of a bed-and-breakfast who is being sued for refusing, for religious reasons, to rent a room to a lesbian couple.

“Can I just be perfectly blunt?” Jackson said. “Why in the world should Christians who have spent their time, their energy, their money, their prayers to buy a little bitty bed-and-breakfast with three rooms for guests be forced by the law to have two old, big strapping men go up in one of their rooms and have sex? Now that’s disgusting! Or two women? In a place that they probably prayed over and dedicated to God and said, ‘God use this place for your glory, use it bless people and to encourage people and to comfort people and to help people.’ And they put their time, their energy, their money into it and then you’ve got the law come along and say, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to let two homosexuals go into one of those rooms and do whatever they do.’”


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