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Video: Obama Foundation Town Hall Europe Is, Among Other Things, a Reminder of What America Should Demand In Its Leaders


Just a reminder that we *used to* have a president – Barack Obama – we could all be proud of, who represented the best of American (and humanity); who was brilliant both intellectually and in terms of social intelligence; who had empathy and caring for people everywhere; who had integrity; who was intensely curious about the world around him; who deeply respected science and empirical evidence; etc, etc. Now, sad to say, we don’t have any of that – at least not in the White House, where we have the absolute worst of humanity –  but still…this just-concluded Obama Foundation Town Hall Europe (see video, below) is a great reminder of what we can – and MUST – aspire to in our country’s leadership. It’s also just plain inspiring to sit and listen to both Barack Obama and also the impressive, talented young people at this forum. After watching this, I almost felt for a second like the slime of the past two years had been washed off a bit, and that maybe there’s still hope for humanity and the planet after all? Or maybe I’m just blown away watching Barack Obama (who I could listen to for hours)? LOL

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