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Video: Vanessa Tyson Interview on “CBS This Morning”; “Some of the details she shared with @GayleKing are disturbing”

UPDATED with Meredith Watson video.


This just aired a few minutes ago on “CBS This Morning”; more to come shortly. Basically, Tyson describes the alleged incident with Justin Fairfax in 2004, and fair warning, it’s fairly graphic. The question is, how credible is Tyson and specifically her story? Also, what happens next, exactly? For his part, Justin Fairfax says he took a polygraph and it showed he was telling the truth that nothing like this ever happened. So…where does this leave the whole situation?

UPDATE: Tyson denies that this is an “orchestrated smear campaign,” says she doesn’t even know Meredith Watson…”it wasn’t either one of us, it was Justin Fairfax.”  Also, Tyson says “lynching” reference by Justin Fairfax is “disgraceful, irresponsible and manipulative”; “black women were lynched specifically trying to protect black men”; “sexual assault should never be a racial issue, it should never be a partisan issue.”

WATCH: Vanessa Tyson, a politics professor, claims Virginia’s lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax assaulted her during the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

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