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Jennifer McClellan Launches “Virginia United” PAC

"Effort Aimed at Winning a Democratic Majority in Virginia General Assembly"


From Sen. Jennifer McClellan’s “Virginia United” PAC:

Jennifer McClellan Launches “Virginia United” PAC

Effort Aimed at Winning a Democratic Majority in Virginia General Assembly

State Senator Jennifer McClellan launched a new political action committee, Virginia United, aimed at winning the majority in the General Assembly by supporting Democratic candidates running across the Commonwealth.

“I am so proud to be fighting every day for a brighter future for our Commonwealth,” said McClellan. “But as a member of the minority, I have watched bills to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, remove barriers to expanding solar energy, ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and address gun violence die before they can even get out of committee.”

“I want to see a Virginia united for education, economic opportunity, environmental and social justice, and quality affordable healthcare. That fight begins with engaging voters every election cycle and investing in local races,” she continued.

The launch of Virginia United comes ahead of the November elections in which all 100 seats in the House of Delegates and 40 seats in the state Senate will be on the ballot. Democrats need to flip just two seats in both the House and the Senate to gain a majority.

Fellow members of the General Assembly applauded McClellan’s initiative.

“Jenn will bring to Virginia United the same energy she has brought to her work in the General Assembly. She knows that state legislatures matter, and that focusing resources and attention on state House and Senate races is key,” said state Senator Monty Mason.

“Jenn has been working hard for Democrats since her days as a campus organizer. I look forward to working with Jenn just as we have on education and so many other issues, to build on our historic victories in 2017 and flip the General Assembly in November,” added Delegate Jeion Ward.

Today, McClellan will be reporting a $50,000 contribution for Virginia United that will be used to directly support Democratic incumbents and candidates running across the entire Commonwealth.

Learn more at www.virginiaunitedpac.com.


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