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Video: Two Recent Virginia Democratic Forums — SD17, SD26, HD26


See below for video from two recent Democratic forums – in Orange County and in Harrisonburg, respectively. I watched some of them, and it seems like we’ve got some strong, articulate, progressive candidates in these districts. As for the Copeland vs. Finnegan and Laufer vs. Hixon races, I haven’t endorsed, but am considering whether to do so. My main criteria: #1 is electability, no question; #2 is taking strong, progressive and pro-environment stances on the issues. Any thoughts? Who’s your favorite in each of these races? Thanks.

1. From Lake of the Woods Democratic Club: “Amy Laufer and Ben Hixon, our brilliant candidates for Virginia State Senate, met May 8 in a debate sponsored by the Lake of the Woods Democratic Club at the LOW Community Center.” The winner of this race will take on either far-right State Sen. Bryce Reeves (R-SD17) or also-far-right Republican challenger Rich Breedon. The district, by the way, was won by Tim Kaine in 2018, 52%-46%, and was basically a tie between Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam in 2017. So, it should be competitive/winnable.

2. From the Harrisonburg Democratic Committee: “The Harrisonburg Democratic Committee is hosting a candidate forum featuring Cathy Copeland, Brent Finnegan and April Moore.” The Copeland vs. Finnegan primary is for the Democratic nomination to take on Del. Tony Wilt (R) in HD26, which Tim Kaine won 50%-47% in 2018. So…also potentially winnable. As for April Moore, she’s taking on the horrible Sen. Mark ObenSHAME (R) in SD26, which Corey Stewart won 59%-39% in 2018. So that’s a tough one, but thanks to April Moore for stepping up and running, despite the long odds!


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