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Polls: Who Do You Think Is Going to Win the Dem Primaries for State Senate on June 11? [UPDATE: Final Results]


UPDATE June 5 at 6 pm: The polls are now closed, and the results are…that 90% of voters think Sen. Lynwood Lewis will win his SD6 primary; 57% think Cheryl Turpin will win her SD7 primary; 64% think Ghazala Hashmi will win her SD10 primary; 85% think Amanda Pohl will win her SD11 primary; 81% think Sen. Rosalyn Dance will win her SD16 primary; 84% think Amy Laufer will win her SD17 primary; 76% think Qasim Rashid will win his SD28 primary; 53% think Nicole Merlene will win her SD31 primary; 88% think Sen. Jennifer Boysko will win her SD33 primary; 45% think Yasmine Taeb will win her SD35 primary.


Regardless of who you support in these State Senate Democratic primaries, who do you think is going to win on June 11?  If you want to talk about your reasoning as to who you think is going to win, or if you want to talk about who you support, you can do that in the comments section.  I’ll leave these polls up until Wednesday evening.

SD6: Sen. Lynwood Lewis vs Willie Randall

SD7: Kim Howard vs. Susan Hippen vs. Cheryl Turpin

SD10: Eileen Bedell vs. Zachary Brown vs. Ghazala Hashmi

SD11: Amanda Pohl vs. Wayne Powell

SD12: Veena Lothe vs. Debra Rodman

SD16: Sen. Rosalyn Dance vs. Joe Morrissey

SD17: Ben Hixon vs. Amy Laufer

SD28: Qasim Rashid vs. Laura Sellers

SD31: Sen. Barbara Favola vs. Nicole Merlene

SD33: Sen. Jennifer Boysko vs. Sharafat Hussain

SD35: Sen. Dick Saslaw vs. Yasmine Taeb vs. Karen Torrent


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