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Video: Sen. Mark Warner Says AG Barr Has “Little Credibility” Because He’s “Time and Again, Not Acting as Our Attorney General But as a Personal Advocate for Donald Trump”


Sen. Mark Warner on Face the Nation this morning, had a few interesting things to say. See below the video for some highlights.

  • On the Virginia Beach shootings, Warner said: “We’ve got to recognize that this just doesn’t happen in other civilized nations at this level of violence. And while it’s too early to talk about specific actions, I do think there ought to be some kind of lowest-hanging fruit like universal background checks that might not have done anything in this particular case, but might prevent some future incident…I have felt that we ought to take steps against assault weapons. The suppressors, I’d like to hear what the legitimate reason is in terms of either self defense or hunting why a suppressor is needed.”
  • Asked whether the counterintelligence probe regarding the Trump campaign was not legitimate, Warner responded: “Absolutely not. Absolutely not. This was appropriate actions taken by the FBI, taken by some of our intelligence community. As a matter of fact, if they had not acted, it would have been the height of irresponsibility. There was evidence or Russian intervention…What I hope Americans would remember from the Mueller presser this week is…that America was attacked by a foreign power, and chances are, they or others will be back…It is the height of irresponsibility that Congress has not acted to make sure that our elections in 2020 are more secure.”
  • On AG William Barr, Warner said: “17 U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed the fact that the Russians intervened in our elections. Our bipartisan committee…reaffirmed unanimously that the Russians massively intervened. If we had not acted, if our intelligence community and law enforcement had not acted, they would have been irresponsible. And candidly, Mr. Barr has very little credibility with me and I think the vast majority of…not just Democrats but many Americans, because he is time and again, not acting as our Attorney General but as a personal advocate for Donald Trump….Facts will confirm that what the intelligence community and law enforcement did was right….Matter of fact, one of the ironies is, I believe Barr and Trump have repeatedly criticized the Obama administration for not doing more to get the word out before the election.”

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