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Video: “This Fight Is Now” Follows SW Virginia Resister As She Journeys to Stand With the Union Hill Community Against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Its Proposed Compressor Station


by ARTivism Virginia

See below for ARTivism Virginia’s new video, “This Fight Is Now,” made in collaboration with “Lights and Years.” It follows one Mountain Valley Pipeline resister’s journey to stand with Union Hill against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Bernadette “BJ” Brown speaks a simple and profound truth to those resisting new fossil fuel infrastructure anywhere: “We will win. Because if we lose – there won’t be anyone here to win.

On May 17, Virginians and allies from the region marched with Union Hill to demand environmental justice and a stop to the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley fracked gas pipelines. They were joined by Rev. Dr. William Barber III and Karenna Gore of the Center for Earth Ethics. Returning to the route across the Robert E. Lee Bridge into Richmond, Virginia, traveled by civil rights advocates 51 years ago during Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic Poor People’s Campaign march to Washington D.C., hundreds called for an end to environmental racism and new fossil fuel infrastructure that threatens our ability to protect our homes, our water, and our children’s future.

Now. This fight is now.


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