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Audio: On WAMU’s Politics Hour, Sen. Adam Ebbin (D) Has VERY Strong Words for LG Justin Fairfax

Fairfax "needs to realize that he'll never be elected to another public office again"


I was listening to a recording of the Kojo Nnamdi Show’s Politics Hour on WAMU a few minutes ago, and it was pretty much routine…that is, until the topic of conversation with Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria/Arlington) turned to the situation with Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax. At that point, things got VERY pointed, with Sen. Ebbin using language that was stronger than basically anything I’ve heard an elected Virginia Democrat use previously. Check out the audio, below. By the way, from what I’ve heard privately, a lot of elected Democrats agree with Sen. Ebbin’s take, but not many (if any) have said it like this publicly. Apparently, Sen. Ebbin ate his Wheaties this morning!

  • Asked how he thinks LG Fairfax has handled the sexual assault allegations made against him, Sen. Ebbin responded, “it’s embarrassing to the state and it should be embarrassing to him.”
  • Sen. Ebbin added that LG Fairfax “needs to see the handwriting on the wall; he needs to realize that he’ll never be elected to another public office again or win a Democratic primary.”
  • Asked about comments LG Fairfax reportedly made regarding how this scandal has raised his public profile and led to a lot of people saying they support him, and also asked whether there’s any support for LG Fairfax among Democratic Party leaders, Sen. Ebbin responded: “I think that with anyone in public life, there’s a danger when you believe your biggest fans…let it go to their head and he’s more than let it go to his head.”


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