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Republicans in the Senate and House of Delegates Ran From Their Duty to Answer the Call of Their Constituents


by Stan Scott (SD-04 Democratic nominee)

Yesterday, I joined more than a thousand Virginians who rallied at the State Capitol in support of action to stop gun violence. I ran into gun violence survivors, family members who lost loved ones, and regular people who want to have access to public spaces without fear of getting shot. We wanted to let our representatives in state government know that enough is enough. Thoughts and prayers don’t bring change: we want votes and laws.

Sadly, Republicans in the Senate and House of Delegates ran from their duty to answer the call of their constituents. They lack the moral courage to stand up, speak up, and vote for the extreme gun rights position they say they believe in. Instead, they adjourned the session until after the November elections so they would not have to take a stand.

During the rally, I ran into fellow Democratic candidates who are not afraid to take a stand to do just that. Annette Hyde, Amy Laufer, Herb Jones, Kevin Washington, Neri Canahui, Tim Hickey, Ghazala Hashmi, Dan Helmer and I will show the moral courage of our convictions. We’ll enthusiastically support universal background checks, longer waiting periods, and laws that remove firearms from volatile domestic disputes. We will fight to pass legislation that will make our communities safer from gun violence.

If your Delegate or Senator voted to adjourn without taking action write to them and tell them to stand up for what they think is right and go on the record. Tell them that if they want more suicide and accidental shootings in their communities they should stand up and say so. Tell them if they think guns save lives they should not fear voting on the basis of that belief.

And if you disagree – if you want something done about this problem in our workplaces, our schools, and our houses of worship, support candidates who will take action to end the insanity. Volunteer to knock on doors for candidates who think we’ve relied on thoughts and prayers long enough. Write checks to candidates who know we need votes and laws – and who will show the moral courage to stand proudly and publicly for what they believe.

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