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Too Late for Republican Nomination, Now “Independent” Fahey Instead Earns Republican Endorsement


by Cindy

Once upon a time, the label “Independent” was reserved for those whose ideologies comported neither with the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party. Now, however, that term apparently applies to a Republican who thought a “centrist” would win the Democratic primary, and found out he was wrong too late to receive the Republican Party’s nomination. Such is the case with “Independent” Jonathan Fahey, who entered the race for Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney too late to earn the Republican nomination, and now must settle for the mere Republican endorsement. Really, this completely skirts the rules regarding the nomination process and the deadlines established.

On Tuesday, the Fairfax County Republicans met and decided unanimously to endorse Jonathan Fahey. In the audio below, they discuss why Fahey completely represents their “Republican values” (including “cooperation with ICE” and prosecuting as many crimes as possible so that ICE can deport as many “illegal immigrants” as possible), how they’ve got to stop a “Socialist” from becoming Commonwealth’s Attorney (Descano has never claimed to be a Democratic Socialist), and why it would be a dereliction of their duties to not endorse him. Not so “Independent,” apparently.

Note that utterly complicit in this ridiculous scam is Springfield Supervisor Pat Herrity (R). He not only sought out Republicans and asked them to take a Democratic ballot at the polls and vote for “centrist” (Herrity’s word) Democrat Ray Morrogh (and I have to wonder, which other Democratic candidates on the ballot suffered from an influx of Republican voters sent there by Herrity?); but additionally, once it became clear that Steve Descano might defeat Morrogh, Herrity helped Fahey get his paperwork together to get on the ballot as an “Independent.” Let me repeat that: a Republican elected county supervisor helped an “Independent” candidate get on the ballot to challenge the Democratic nominee.


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