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Secretly Recorded Audio Makes It Crystal Clear: Mary Margaret Kastelberg Is a Standard-Issue Republican with Nothing to Offer on Preventing Gun Violence


The following audio was secretly recorded at a meet-and-greet for Republican House of Delegates candidate Mary Margaret Kastelberg (HD73 – Henrico County), and provided to me the other day by a source. The person who recorded it says:

“I think this is of some interest because in it [Kastelberg] is way more pro-gun than she is in her ad that came out just a few weeks later.  The temperature in the room dropped noticeably when she told the nice grandmotherly Republican lady that she didn’t want to ban assault weapons and deprive people of their rights. She also said, in response to a question concerning the horrible results of the repeal of the one-gun-a-month law that gun-running could be stopped by the enforcement of interstate commerce laws.

In particular, check out at the beginning of the audio, where an elderly woman asks Kastelberg about cracking down on “assault rifles.” Kastelberg and the questioner have a bit of back and forth, in which Kastelberg says she “doesn’t know” if limiting “assault rifles” would make any difference in reducing gun violence.  When the elderly woman asks if keeping these weapons off the streets wouldn’t lower the number of victims, Kastelberg responds “well you would hope, but do you want to take rights away from folks who are law-abiding citizens?” 

Also check out Kastelberg’s response to a question about gun running (note that Virginia is one of the main sources for guns used in crimes in the Northeast) and the repeal of Virginia’s “one-gun-a-month” law, towards the end of the audio. Kastelberg gives a vague, weak answer that talks about interstate commerce laws – as if that’s going to stop gun runners – and basically implies that there’s nothing Virginia can do about the gun running *from Virginia* due to Virginia’s lax gun laws. Pathetic.
In sum, when it comes to stemming gun violence, Mary Margaret Kastelberg is a standard-issue Republican who has absolutely nothing to offer on this subject. Also note that the private, secretly recorded audio of Kastelberg is VERY different in tone and content from Kastelberg’s public comments, in which she supposedly “favors requiring background checks for all sales at gun shows, a Red Flag law and limits on high capacity magazines.” Which one do you believe: a) the behind-closed-doors Kastelberg; b) the publicly pandering Kastelberg? On November 5th, fortunately, you can opt for choice “c” by voting for Democrat Rodney Willett (who pledges: “Rodney will fight for bipartisan gun safety laws in the House of Delegates. He will not settle for continued inaction.) instead!


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